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Big Shot Season 1 + Season 2 episode 10 added

Family Comedy Drama 45m
The real drama happens off the court.
After getting ousted from his job in the NCAA for throwing a chair at a referee, a hothead men’s basketball coach Marvyn Korn must take a job at Westbrook School for Girls, a private all-girls high school, in an effort to redeem what's left of his career and reputation.

Brad Garrett


David E. Kelley

Dean Lorey



Big Shot.S02E01: 480p

Big Shot.S02E02: 480p

Big Shot.S02E03: 480p

Big Shot.S02E04: 480p

Big Shot.S02E05: 480p

Big Shot.S02E06: 480p

Big Shot.S02E07: 480p

Big Shot.S02E08: 480p

Big Shot.S02E09: 480p

Big Shot.S02E10: 480p

Season 1

Big Shot.S01E01: 720px265

Big Shot.S01E02: 720px265

Big Shot.S01E03: 720px265

Big Shot.S01E04: 720px265

Big Shot.S01E05: 720px265

Big Shot.S01E06: 720px265

Big Shot.S01E07: 720px265

Big Shot.S01E08: 720px265

Big Shot.S01E09: 720px265

Season 2(not direct link)

Episode 01:| 720p

Episode 02: | 720p

Episode 03: | 720p

Episode 04: | 720p

Episode 05: | 720p

Episode 06: | 720p

Episode 07: | 720p

Episode 08: | 720p

Episode 09: | 720p

Episode 10: | 720p

Season 1

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