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The Flight Attendant All Seasons + Season 2 Episode 7 Added



Drama Mystery Comedy 

The woman who knew too much.


Flight attendant Cassandra Bowden wakes in her hotel room hungover from the night before in Dubai with a dead body lying next to her. Afraid to call the police, she continues her morning as if nothing happened. In New York, she is met by FBI agents who question her about her recent layover in Bangkok. Still unable to piece the night together, she begins to wonder if she could be the killer.

Steve Yockey



Episode 1: 480p | 720p

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Episode 7: 480p | 720p

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Season 1

The Flight Attendant.S01E01: 720px265  | 480p

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The Flight Attendant.S01E03: 720p x265 | 480p

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The Flight Attendant.S01E05: 720p x265 | 480p

The Flight Attendant.S01E06: 720p x265 | 480p

The Flight Attendant.S01E07: 720p x265 | 480p

The Flight Attendant.S01E08: 720p x265 | 480p

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