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Control Z All Seasons + Season 3

When a hacker begins releasing students' secrets to the entire high school, the socially isolated but observant SofĂ­a works to uncover his/her identity.

Language: Spanish
GenreAction, Adventure, Animation, Comedy

Season 3

Control Z.S03E01: 480p

Control Z.S03E02: 480p

Control Z.S03E03: 480p 

Control Z.S03E04: 480p

Control Z.S03E05: 480p

Control Z.S03E06: 480p

Control Z.S03E07: 480p 

Control Z.S03E08: 480p

Season 2

Control Z.S02E01: 480p

Control Z.S02E02: 480p

Control Z.S02E03: 480p 

Control Z.S02E04: 480p

Control Z.S02E05: 480p

Control Z.S02E06: 480p

Control Z.S02E07: 480p 

Control Z.S02E08: 480p

Season 1

Control Z.S01E01: 480p

Control Z.S01E02: 480p

Control Z.S01E03: 480p 

Control Z.S01E04: 480p

Control Z.S01E05: 480p

Control Z.S01E06: 480p

Control Z.S01E07: 480p 

Control Z.S01E08: 480p

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