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Scandal Season 1 - 7

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Synopsis; Everyone has secrets and Olivia Pope has dedicated her life to protecting and defending the public images of the elite by keeping those secrets under wraps. Pope and her team are at the top of their game when it comes to getting the job done for their clients, but it becomes apparent that these "gladiators in suits," who specialize in fixing the lives of other people, have trouble fixing those closest at hand -- their own.



Season 1

Scandal S01 E01.mkv

Scandal S01 E02.mkv

Scandal S01 E03.mkv

Scandal S01 E04.mkv

Scandal S01 E05.mkv

Scandal S01 E06.mkv

Scandal S01 E07.mkv

Season 2

Scandal S02 E01.mkv

Scandal S02 E02.mkv

Scandal S02 E03.mkv

Scandal S02 E04.mkv

Scandal S02 E05.mkv

Scandal S02 E06.mkv

Scandal S02 E07.mkv

Scandal S02 E08.mkv

Scandal S02 E09.mkv

Scandal S02 E10.mkv

Scandal S02 E11.mkv

Scandal S02 E12.mkv

Scandal S02 E13.mkv

Scandal S02 E14.mkv

Scandal S02 E15.mkv

Scandal S02 E16.mkv

Scandal S02 E17.mkv

Scandal S02 E18.mkv

Scandal S02 E19.mkv

Scandal S02 E20.mkv

Scandal S02 E21.mkv

Scandal S02 E22.mkv

Season 3

Scandal S03 E01.mkv

Scandal S03 E02.mkv

Scandal S03 E03.mkv

Scandal S03 E04.mkv

Scandal S03 E05.mkv

Scandal S03 E06.mkv

Scandal S03 E07.mkv

Scandal S03 E08.mkv

Scandal S03 E09.mkv

Scandal S03 E10.mkv

Scandal S03 E11.mkv

Scandal S03 E12.mkv

Scandal S03 E13.mkv

Scandal S03 E14.mkv

Scandal S03 E15.mkv

Scandal S03 E16.mkv

Scandal S03 E17.mkv

Scandal S03 E18.mkv

Season 4

Scandal S04 E01.mkv

Scandal S04 E02.mkv

Scandal S04 E03.mkv

Scandal S04 E04.mkv

Scandal S04 E05.mkv

Scandal S04 E06.mkv

Scandal S04 E07.mkv

Scandal S04 E08.mkv

Scandal S04 E09.mkv

Scandal S04 E10.mkv

Scandal S04 E11.mkv

Scandal S04 E12.mkv

Scandal S04 E13.mkv

Scandal S04 E14.mkv

Scandal S04 E15.mkv

Scandal S04 E16.mkv

Scandal S04 E17.mkv

Scandal S04 E18.mkv

Scandal S04 E19.mkv

Scandal S04 E20.mkv

Scandal S04 E21.mkv

Scandal S04 E22.mkv

Season 5

Scandal S05 E01.mkv

Scandal S05 E02.mkv

Scandal S05 E03.mkv

Scandal S05 E04.mkv

Scandal S05 E05.mkv

Scandal S05 E06.mkv

Scandal S05 E07.mkv

Scandal S05 E08.mkv

Scandal S05 E09.mkv

Scandal S05 E10.mkv

Scandal S05 E11.mkv

Scandal S05 E12.mkv

Scandal S05 E13.mkv

Scandal S05 E14.mkv

Scandal S05 E15.mkv

Scandal S05 E16.mkv

Scandal S05 E17.mkv

Scandal S05 E18.mkv

Scandal S05 E19.mkv

Scandal S05 E20.mkv

Scandal S05 E21.mkv

Season 6

Scandal S06 E01.mkv

Scandal S06 E02.mkv

Scandal S06 E03.mkv

Scandal S06 E04.mkv

Scandal S06 E05.mkv

Scandal S06 E06.mkv

Scandal S06 E07.mkv

Scandal S06 E08.mkv

Scandal S06 E09.mkv

Scandal S06 E10.mkv

Scandal S06 E11.mkv

Scandal S06 E12.mkv

Scandal S06 E13.mkv

Scandal S06 E14.mkv

Scandal S06 E15.mkv

Season 7

Scandal S07 E01.mkv

Scandal S07 E02.mkv

Scandal S07 E03.mkv

Scandal S07 E04.mkv

Scandal S07 E05.mkv

Scandal S07 E06.mkv

Scandal S07 E07.mkv

Scandal S07 E08.mkv

Scandal S07 E09.mkv

Scandal S07 E10.mkv

Scandal S07 E11.mkv

Scandal S07 E12.mkv

Scandal S07 E13.mkv

Scandal S07 E14.mkv

Scandal S07 E15.mkv

Scandal S07 E16.mkv

Scandal S07 E17.mkv

Scandal S07 E18.mkv

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