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Mismatched (season 1) complete

      Download  Mismatched (season 1)  with direct link Download  Mismatched (season 1) Story ;  The movie will be a romantic film featuring...

   Download Mismatched (season 1) with direct link

Download Mismatched (season 1)

StoryThe movie will be a romantic film featuring two people who are not right for each other. The story is about Prajakta's character who is a tech wizard and the guy who is interested in her.

Genres:  Comedy, Drama, RomanceLanguage: HindiDownload English SubtitleQuality: 720p, 480pNetwork; Netflix

Season 1

 Episode 01:  480p  |  720p  |

 Episode 02:  480p  |  720p  | 

 Episode 03:  480p  |  720p  | 

 Episode 04:  480p  |  720p  |

 Episode 05:  480p  |  720p  |

 Episode 06:  480p  |  720p  |

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