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Bloods Series 2021

                             Bloods Series 2021


                           Bloods Series 2021

`Bloods' is a comedy starring Samson Kayo as Maleek and Jane Horrocks as Wendy, who are both paramedics at the south London emergency service. Maleek is a tough-acting loner and Wendy is an over-friendly divorcee, so when the two are partnered together, it seems like a mismatched pair that is doomed from the start. However, as the pair endure through the never-ending rush of 999 calls, put their lives at risk to save others, and struggle to gain the respect of their colleagues, they realise they might just be each other's life support.

Season 1

 Episode 01:   480p  

 Episode 02:   480p

 Episode 03:   480p

 Episode 04:   480p 

 Episode 05:   480p 

 Episode 06:   480p 


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