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Maggie Season 1 complete

Synopsis; As a psychic, Maggie regularly sees the future of her friends, parents, clients and random strangers on the street, but when she suddenly sees a glimpse of her own future, she is forced to start living in her own present.

Genre: Comedy, Sci-Fi, Fantasy
Quality: 720p

Season 1

  Episode 01:  720p

  Episode 02:  720p

  Episode 03:  720p

  Episode 04:  720p

  Episode 05:  720p

  Episode 06:  720p

  Episode 07:  720p

  Episode 08:  720p

  Episode 09:  720p

  Episode 10:  720p

  Episode 11:  720p

  Episode 12:  720p

  Episode 13:  720p

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